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Foo Jong Hau


Foo loves challenges and yoga fits the bill! The ever learning and never ending challenges is just too hard to resist. For him, yoga not only stretches the body muscles but it also expand the mental flexibility. His early training was with various teachers, teaching various styles, namely Asthanga, Sivananda and also Iyenger. Later he took up a Yoga Diploma Course from Kevala Centre, UK. Few years ago he had stumbled upon Anusara Yoga and he has the privilege to study under Desiree Rumbaugh for the past 2 years. At the same time, he continues to attend Anusara Yoga workshops conducted by Noah Maze, Amy Ippoliti, etc at every opportunity. Currently, he is teaching Anusara yoga classes. Foo is also passionate about acroyoga and had the opportunity to learn from Marc Bauchet. He practises acroyoga with his regular partner, Junko. Foo also conducts regular workshops in KL, nationally and overseas. Foo can be reached at http://inspiredyogastudio.blogspot.com/

Junko Kominami

Junko playfully weaves alignment, dynamic and creative sequencing with her humorous instructions. Her classes are fun, joyful and emotionally connected while deeply rooted in the Universal Principles of Anusara Yoga. She has studied under many teachers like Amy Ippolity, Noah Maze, etc. but her biggest influence is Desiree Rumbaugh, whom she has the opportunity to learn from over 2 years. She has cultivated both strength and flexibility, which made her good flyer for acroyoga. You can also check out her classes at http://inspiredyogastudio.blogspot.com/


Foo & Junko's Class
• Arm Balance and Inversion - Taking flight and turn your world upside down (Intermediate/Advance)
• Hip Expansion - Transforming to Hanuman (open)

Arm Balance and Inversion
Remember the first time you took the plane? The feeling of excitement and some may experience fear and trepidation as the airplane took off the ground. Going up to handstand and inversion are just like that. Come and learn how to integrate the shoulders to make them strong, working the core and legs in order to balance when in upside down poses. Foo and Junko will offer the male and female perspective of working up to the arm balances and inversion and each other's "secrets"! Once you understand the skill and technique to lift your body off the mat, you will able to continue with your own practise. Come and discover your potential and continue to grow beyond your perceived limitations.

Finding freedom in the Hip
Do you have knee problem? Or perhaps you would like to get more flexibility in your hip so that you can work your way to lotus pose or front split? In this session you will learn how expand your hip and work the thigh, hamstring and other related muscles. Foo and Junko will teach you how to release the hip tightness. Once you have more freedom in your hip, you might feel some relieve on your knees. Do expect to work hard and see your dedication to bear fruits!!!!

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