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Jack Leong

Jack began practising yoga in 2008. Started out with only the aims of improving flexibility and reducing body weight, little did he know that he will embark on a journey of self transformation and spiritual fulfilment, as he witnessed the way yoga stretches not only his body but also his mind. Following on with his passion, Jack received his yoga intructor certification from SVYASA, Bangalore.
"You will recognize your own destiny when you come upon it, because when life is an expression of your deepest purpose, you will suddenly have all the energy and strength you will ever need".
Jack has a strong interest in acro-yoga and had the opportunity to learn from Marc Bauchet. In addition to his regular teaching schedule, Jack often conducts workshops and retreats. He finds much joy in yoga and aspires to share his discovery and knowledge with all the yoga enthusiasts.


Tyler Niam

Tyler started practising yoga in the gym. Since his exposure to yoga, Tyler found himself greatly benefited, both physically and mentally. Eventually he quit his gym regimes and concentrates fully on his yoga journey. He underwent Yoga Teacher Training in 2008 and was certified as a yoga instructor by SVYASA, Bangalore. Tyler lives fully committed to the gift that is freely given to him, and he is determined to cultivate it into a state of profound mastery. He believes that yoga is not merely a physical exercise. It is not about how many postures one can do or how long one can hold in a posture. It is about the benefits one can derive from doing the right postures. Tyler teaches yoga at Y elements studio and can also be reached at HYPERLINK "http://y-elements-studio.blogspot.com/" http://y-elements-studio.blogspot.com/.


Jack & Tyler's Class
• Partner Yoga (beginner)
• Acro / PartnerYoga (Intermediate/Advance)

Partner Yoga
Basic partner yoga class allows students to work together and assist each other to enhance their postures in depth and practise simple therapeutic flying. This is the time to start the flow of communication between partners, besides building awareness of the partners. This class is suitable for all levels.
The practices:
Forward flying –lifted Baddhakonasana, folded leaf with massage, super yogi, easy twist, happy twist, walnut, bird, yoga mudra, double ankle bind twist, ardha gomukhasana and etc
Flying whale – half ustrasana, supported ustrasana, high flying whale, pike cross with ganesh grip, low flying whale (rocking horse ) and etc
Backward flying – back leaf, back bird, bow, fish, upward super yogi,bat(neck massage, side stretch) etc

Acro / PartnerYoga (Yoga is Fun)
Intermediate partner yoga class requires more strength and flexibility from the students. Students will fully utilize their range of movement, strength, flexibility and balance for the flow. For the most dynamic expression of this work, it involves communication, confidence, trust, concentration and visualization.
The practices:
Bone stacking – shoulderstand on bridge, shoulderstand on table, wheel on table
Acrobatic asana – front bird to shoulderstand, bird to bow, folded leaf to prasarita twist, bat to floating paschimottanasana, straddle thone and the variation, and etc.

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