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Annie Kong

Annie has been fond of sports since childhood and has since been actively involved. At the age of 18, she wanted to learn something new and through a coincidence, she came to face with Yoga. Without a second thought, she flew to Nasik, India, to Yoga Vidra Gurukul (University) and returned with a Yoga Training & Therapy Diploma. Since then, she had continued her Yoga learnings for 10 years with renowned Yogurus such as Dharma Mittra, Duncan Peak, Ken Harakuma, Duncan Wong, and Edward Clark etc…
During this period, she has taught Yoga for 6 years and has also been involve as to being Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Pilates Instructor, Group Exercise Instructor from Ann’s Academy. Out of personal interest, Annie learned belly dancing and is now also a belly dancing instructor.

Annie hopes to equip her students with knowledge, techniques and attitude that can lead them to healthier and enriched lives. Ensuring the participants are equipped with passion and enjoyment throughout their classes is fundamental. This resulted from lending her ears to her students, knowing their goals, needs and individual limitations. “Fun = Yoga” is her motto, then, now and into the future.

Annie's Class
• Power Flow (Intermediate)
• Power Flow (beginner / Intermediate)

Power Flow Yoga
This is a challenging, heat-inducing yoga practice designed to intoxify, strengthen and condition your body. It’ll boost your energy, sharpen your vision and gives you the courage to achieve your goals via Sun Salutations with Variations
We combine poses from classical Yoga into a powerful sequence that strengthens all your muscles and – for many people – improves mental balance and creativity.
Looking forward to your participation!

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