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Deepak (B. Psychology) is more fondly known as Deep,hails from India . He began his journey into yoga in 1994, and followed the manner of traditional yogis in learning the art and science of yoga by learning at Tapovan Dhyan Dham Vidhyapeeth, a classical yoga ashram located at the foothills of the Himalayas . Thereafter, he pursued the advanced yoga teacher training course at the world renowned Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute. He is trained on various styles and aspects of yoga for the purpose of health, healing and rejuvenation. Apart from teaching at various yoga centers, Deep is also a Corporate Yoga Trainer, and has conducted over 100 workshops. He has unique specialty to give teacher training programs till now in Malaysia, India and Thailand he has given teacher training courses and has trained more than 50 students who are successful teachers now.  He specializes in mind-body medicine and has had the opportunity to observe how psychosocial stressors as anxiety, depression, anger, pain or relationship problems can affect cardio-pulmonary, gastroenterological, immunity, and practically every biological function. He believes we can utilize mind-body techniques such as yoga postures, breathing exercises and laughter therapy for mental-physical relaxation and stress management. He is a registered teacher with www.kdham.com, www.hathayogainstitute.com, www.internationalyogafederation.com

Deepak's Classes

• Hatha Yoga (Secret of Seven Chakras) (open)
• Hatha Yoga (Mix Masala) (open)
• Swara Yoga (open)

Extra Milage? Secret of Seven Chakras

Hey Yogis, you want to find Extra milage in your life.in this session Deep will reveal you the secret of 7 chakras and longevity. You will learn How to find the exact location of chakras in your body? What are the blockages in your chakras? And how to remove and balance them with Yoga.

Deep will guide you step by step into this inner journey with yoga breathing and postures. be ready for some advance arm balancing postures also to stablize the energy on your heart centre and some strong inversion 'so Keep your engine running, check the water ready for maintenance. just do it ...

Mix Masala (Pleasure+happiness+joy+bliss)

Jai ho Yogis , Yoga is a method to approach the life . To approach the life with a different vision. Why we do yoga postures? Hip opener, backward bend, forward bend, inversion, arm balancing what is the purpose of all of these how to use them? Yoga is not gymnastic or circus. yoga is a systematic way to the find the real happiness in Life, happiness that no thought or emotion can disturb and make you the master of your happiness. Let's find th true meaning of yoga. how your practice can lead you towards Mix Masala. A blend of Asanas, pranayam and meditation to hammer your inner strength and guide you to the path of True yoga .

Deep will show you a step by step way to open the body to approach towards advance postures and lead you towards the wisdom of Yoga with a sweet smile and a laughter as know him...

Fun to knowledge: knowledge to fun :Swara Yoga

Namaste yogis, do you know the meaning of hatha? Balance of sun and moon energy. we have two nostrils. Right is sun(Pingala)and left(Ida) is moon energy. Check your both nostril now one will block one will open all the time and hatha yoga mean when both nostril Ida and Pingala open breath goes to third eye sushmana. To open the great sushmana and balance the sun and moon energy is the purpose of hatha yoga.

Deep will give you a systematic series of yoga which will open your both channels . Not easy process friend . Be ready for a challenging journey to your own energy channels . Strong will is needed to Open them but it's a fun too... Are you ready?