Teacher - Foo J.H & Junko Kominami

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Foo Jong Hau


Foo loves challenges and yoga fits the bill! The ever learning and never ending challenges is just too hard to resist. For him, yoga not only stretches the body muscles but it also expand the mental flexibility. His early training was with various teachers, teaching various styles, namely Asthanga, Sivananda and also Iyenger. Later he took up a Yoga Diploma Course from Kevala Centre, UK. Few years ago he had stumbled upon Anusara Yoga and he has the privilege to study under Desiree Rumbaugh for the past 2 years. At the same time, he continues to attend Anusara Yoga workshops conducted by Noah Maze, Amy Ippoliti, etc at every opportunity. Currently, he is teaching Anusara yoga classes. Foo is also passionate about acroyoga and had the opportunity to learn from Marc Bauchet. He practises acroyoga with his regular partner, Junko. Foo also conducts regular workshops in KL, nationally and overseas. Foo can be reached at http://inspiredyogastudio.blogspot.com/

Junko Kominami

Junko playfully weaves alignment, dynamic and creative sequencing with her humorous instructions. Her classes are fun, joyful and emotionally connected while deeply rooted in the Universal Principles of Anusara Yoga. She has studied under many teachers like Amy Ippolity, Noah Maze, etc. but her biggest influence is Desiree Rumbaugh, whom she has the opportunity to learn from over 2 years. She has cultivated both strength and flexibility, which made her good flyer for acroyoga. You can also check out her classes at http://inspiredyogastudio.blogspot.com/


Foo & Junko's Class
• Arm Balance and Inversion - Taking flight and turn your world upside down (Intermediate/Advance)
• Hip Expansion - Transforming to Hanuman (open)

Arm Balance and Inversion
Remember the first time you took the plane? The feeling of excitement and some may experience fear and trepidation as the airplane took off the ground. Going up to handstand and inversion are just like that. Come and learn how to integrate the shoulders to make them strong, working the core and legs in order to balance when in upside down poses. Foo and Junko will offer the male and female perspective of working up to the arm balances and inversion and each other's "secrets"! Once you understand the skill and technique to lift your body off the mat, you will able to continue with your own practise. Come and discover your potential and continue to grow beyond your perceived limitations.

Finding freedom in the Hip
Do you have knee problem? Or perhaps you would like to get more flexibility in your hip so that you can work your way to lotus pose or front split? In this session you will learn how expand your hip and work the thigh, hamstring and other related muscles. Foo and Junko will teach you how to release the hip tightness. Once you have more freedom in your hip, you might feel some relieve on your knees. Do expect to work hard and see your dedication to bear fruits!!!!

Teacher - Konstantin Miachin

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Konstantin Miachin

Konstantin is an international yoga teacher and founder of Vikasa Yoga studio based in Koh Samui, Thailand. He has been passionately learning, practicing, and teaching Yoga for over six years, and his passion has lead him to search out his own personal development throughout the world. This quest has brought him into contact with many different schools and masters all over the world, in places such as Rishi-kesh, Uttar Kashi, Gangotri, Kerala, Goa, Canada, Thailand, Hong Kong and Ukraine to name a few. He has completed teacher trainings in three different disciplines, including Ashtanga Vinyasa, Yoga 23 (by master Andrei Siderski) and Sivananda. Such an overwhelming wealth of knowledge has led to a deeper understanding of yoga practice as an ever evolving process – rather than a finalized system, as a tool for evolution of a human being – rather than a goal in itself. Hence, the concept of “Evolution of Yoga” was born. The concept of “evolution of yoga” is based on the notion that everything in the world evolves constantly, including human beings. Our primary goal as a human race and that of any living organism is evolution, and yoga can be seen as a tool to facilitate such evolution in any given individual. However, as the practice of yoga itself changes with time and place, as new techniques are being introduced, the approach is becoming more technical, precise and scientific, any definition of it as a system or style seems to be a limitation in itself. Therefore, the “Evolution of Yoga” approach has to be seen as an ever-evolving process, based on classical hatha yoga techniques, which anyone can be a part of, rather than a complete static system.

Kosta's Class
• Core & Strength (advance)
• Bending & Twisting (Intermediate)
• Arm Balance (advance)

Evolution of Core & Strength
- Vikasa core sun salutations
- The most effective conditioning techniques to strengthen your joints
- How to and develop strength in your hips, shoulders, knees, wrists and back.
- How to build up your breathing during asana practice

Evolution of Bending & Twisting
- Vikasa core sun salutations, variations
- Effective and safe back-bending techniques
- Alignment fundamentals
- Back bend / forward bend compensations
- Principles of twisting

Evolution of Arm balance and Inversions
- Vikasa core sun salutations, variations
- How to approach arm balances safely and progress effectively
- How to progress in inversions, from beginner to advanced
- A different set of effective techniques focused on strengthening and stretching

Teacher - Nick Heng

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Nick Heng

Nick's Class
• Core Yoga (Intermediate)
• Gentle Flow (open)
• Dynamic Flow (Intermediate)

Teacher - Deepak

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Deepak (B. Psychology) is more fondly known as Deep,hails from India . He began his journey into yoga in 1994, and followed the manner of traditional yogis in learning the art and science of yoga by learning at Tapovan Dhyan Dham Vidhyapeeth, a classical yoga ashram located at the foothills of the Himalayas . Thereafter, he pursued the advanced yoga teacher training course at the world renowned Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute. He is trained on various styles and aspects of yoga for the purpose of health, healing and rejuvenation. Apart from teaching at various yoga centers, Deep is also a Corporate Yoga Trainer, and has conducted over 100 workshops. He has unique specialty to give teacher training programs till now in Malaysia, India and Thailand he has given teacher training courses and has trained more than 50 students who are successful teachers now.  He specializes in mind-body medicine and has had the opportunity to observe how psychosocial stressors as anxiety, depression, anger, pain or relationship problems can affect cardio-pulmonary, gastroenterological, immunity, and practically every biological function. He believes we can utilize mind-body techniques such as yoga postures, breathing exercises and laughter therapy for mental-physical relaxation and stress management. He is a registered teacher with www.kdham.com, www.hathayogainstitute.com, www.internationalyogafederation.com

Deepak's Classes

• Hatha Yoga (Secret of Seven Chakras) (open)
• Hatha Yoga (Mix Masala) (open)
• Swara Yoga (open)

Extra Milage? Secret of Seven Chakras

Hey Yogis, you want to find Extra milage in your life.in this session Deep will reveal you the secret of 7 chakras and longevity. You will learn How to find the exact location of chakras in your body? What are the blockages in your chakras? And how to remove and balance them with Yoga.

Deep will guide you step by step into this inner journey with yoga breathing and postures. be ready for some advance arm balancing postures also to stablize the energy on your heart centre and some strong inversion 'so Keep your engine running, check the water ready for maintenance. just do it ...

Mix Masala (Pleasure+happiness+joy+bliss)

Jai ho Yogis , Yoga is a method to approach the life . To approach the life with a different vision. Why we do yoga postures? Hip opener, backward bend, forward bend, inversion, arm balancing what is the purpose of all of these how to use them? Yoga is not gymnastic or circus. yoga is a systematic way to the find the real happiness in Life, happiness that no thought or emotion can disturb and make you the master of your happiness. Let's find th true meaning of yoga. how your practice can lead you towards Mix Masala. A blend of Asanas, pranayam and meditation to hammer your inner strength and guide you to the path of True yoga .

Deep will show you a step by step way to open the body to approach towards advance postures and lead you towards the wisdom of Yoga with a sweet smile and a laughter as know him...

Fun to knowledge: knowledge to fun :Swara Yoga

Namaste yogis, do you know the meaning of hatha? Balance of sun and moon energy. we have two nostrils. Right is sun(Pingala)and left(Ida) is moon energy. Check your both nostril now one will block one will open all the time and hatha yoga mean when both nostril Ida and Pingala open breath goes to third eye sushmana. To open the great sushmana and balance the sun and moon energy is the purpose of hatha yoga.

Deep will give you a systematic series of yoga which will open your both channels . Not easy process friend . Be ready for a challenging journey to your own energy channels . Strong will is needed to Open them but it's a fun too... Are you ready?

Teacher - Yvonne Lacher

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Yvonne Lacher

Yvonne's Class
• Hatha Yoga (beginner)
• Yin Yoga (open)

Hatha Yoga
During this 2 hours we let go of space and time and div into mindfulness and effort.
We begin by observing the mind, conscious breathing and flowing through some sun salutations. After we will deepen and explore a wide range of classical asanas, carried by the flow of our breath. On the end we allow ourselves to witness our own mental and physical relaxation in savasana.

Yin Yoga
Yin Yoga is a complementary yoga practice to the more dynamic yoga styles.
Yin Yoga nurtures energetic balance, relaxes us closer to the skeleton and opens the subtile energy channels to let energy flow freely again.
This leads us to experience a profound sense of inner calm, with allows us to sit in meditation more peaceful.

Teacher - Jack Leong & Tyler Niam

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Jack Leong

Jack began practising yoga in 2008. Started out with only the aims of improving flexibility and reducing body weight, little did he know that he will embark on a journey of self transformation and spiritual fulfilment, as he witnessed the way yoga stretches not only his body but also his mind. Following on with his passion, Jack received his yoga intructor certification from SVYASA, Bangalore.
"You will recognize your own destiny when you come upon it, because when life is an expression of your deepest purpose, you will suddenly have all the energy and strength you will ever need".
Jack has a strong interest in acro-yoga and had the opportunity to learn from Marc Bauchet. In addition to his regular teaching schedule, Jack often conducts workshops and retreats. He finds much joy in yoga and aspires to share his discovery and knowledge with all the yoga enthusiasts.


Tyler Niam

Tyler started practising yoga in the gym. Since his exposure to yoga, Tyler found himself greatly benefited, both physically and mentally. Eventually he quit his gym regimes and concentrates fully on his yoga journey. He underwent Yoga Teacher Training in 2008 and was certified as a yoga instructor by SVYASA, Bangalore. Tyler lives fully committed to the gift that is freely given to him, and he is determined to cultivate it into a state of profound mastery. He believes that yoga is not merely a physical exercise. It is not about how many postures one can do or how long one can hold in a posture. It is about the benefits one can derive from doing the right postures. Tyler teaches yoga at Y elements studio and can also be reached at HYPERLINK "http://y-elements-studio.blogspot.com/" http://y-elements-studio.blogspot.com/.


Jack & Tyler's Class
• Partner Yoga (beginner)
• Acro / PartnerYoga (Intermediate/Advance)

Partner Yoga
Basic partner yoga class allows students to work together and assist each other to enhance their postures in depth and practise simple therapeutic flying. This is the time to start the flow of communication between partners, besides building awareness of the partners. This class is suitable for all levels.
The practices:
Forward flying –lifted Baddhakonasana, folded leaf with massage, super yogi, easy twist, happy twist, walnut, bird, yoga mudra, double ankle bind twist, ardha gomukhasana and etc
Flying whale – half ustrasana, supported ustrasana, high flying whale, pike cross with ganesh grip, low flying whale (rocking horse ) and etc
Backward flying – back leaf, back bird, bow, fish, upward super yogi,bat(neck massage, side stretch) etc

Acro / PartnerYoga (Yoga is Fun)
Intermediate partner yoga class requires more strength and flexibility from the students. Students will fully utilize their range of movement, strength, flexibility and balance for the flow. For the most dynamic expression of this work, it involves communication, confidence, trust, concentration and visualization.
The practices:
Bone stacking – shoulderstand on bridge, shoulderstand on table, wheel on table
Acrobatic asana – front bird to shoulderstand, bird to bow, folded leaf to prasarita twist, bat to floating paschimottanasana, straddle thone and the variation, and etc.

Teacher - Annie Kong

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Annie Kong

Annie has been fond of sports since childhood and has since been actively involved. At the age of 18, she wanted to learn something new and through a coincidence, she came to face with Yoga. Without a second thought, she flew to Nasik, India, to Yoga Vidra Gurukul (University) and returned with a Yoga Training & Therapy Diploma. Since then, she had continued her Yoga learnings for 10 years with renowned Yogurus such as Dharma Mittra, Duncan Peak, Ken Harakuma, Duncan Wong, and Edward Clark etc…
During this period, she has taught Yoga for 6 years and has also been involve as to being Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Pilates Instructor, Group Exercise Instructor from Ann’s Academy. Out of personal interest, Annie learned belly dancing and is now also a belly dancing instructor.

Annie hopes to equip her students with knowledge, techniques and attitude that can lead them to healthier and enriched lives. Ensuring the participants are equipped with passion and enjoyment throughout their classes is fundamental. This resulted from lending her ears to her students, knowing their goals, needs and individual limitations. “Fun = Yoga” is her motto, then, now and into the future.

Annie's Class
• Power Flow (Intermediate)
• Power Flow (beginner / Intermediate)

Power Flow Yoga
This is a challenging, heat-inducing yoga practice designed to intoxify, strengthen and condition your body. It’ll boost your energy, sharpen your vision and gives you the courage to achieve your goals via Sun Salutations with Variations
We combine poses from classical Yoga into a powerful sequence that strengthens all your muscles and – for many people – improves mental balance and creativity.
Looking forward to your participation!

Teacher - Riyo Fukunaga

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Riyo Fukunaga

Riyo is a BODYBALANCE Program Coach/Trainer/Presenter and BODYVIVE Presenter for Les Mills Asia Pacific. She finds a joy in spreading these programs through South east Asia to create a fitter planet. Exposed to various styles of Yoga, her early practice led her to complete RYT200 program with David Muehsam in 2004. She has been teaching Yoga since then, promoting to nourish the body through Yoga practices. Currently she teaches Flow Yoga at Fitness First Malaysia.

Riyo's Class
• Dynamic Flow (Intermediate)
• Body Balance (beginner)

Teacher - Thomas Yu

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Thomas Yu

Thomas Yu have been teaching & practicing yoga for more than 7 years. He practices ashtanga and flow vinyasa specializes on arm balance. He believe that Yoga is a part of his life. Thomas currently teaching Dynamic flow, Gentle flow , Hot flow and Core flow at and heads Flow Yoga at Fitness First Malaysia. Thomas quote daily practicing of yoga helps calm to the mind and body from stress..

Thomas's Class
• Core Yoga (Intermediate/Advance)